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Boob Hats | S06E12

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There’s an awesome moment—and this is why Adam Scott’s great—where Leslie’s giving a talking-head interview in the parking lot of the police station, and Adam is sitting in their car waiting for her to finish so they can drive home. Deep in the background, an unseen extra in a police uniform walks through the frame, and Adam reacts as if someone just jumped out and yelled “Boo!” in a haunted house. It’s this tiny little moment where no one told him to do that, he was just so in character, and he latched onto that character trait of being afraid of cops so thoroughly that he just did that in the deep background of a talking head.

Mike Schur


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Deleted Scenes | Accounting Wordplay & Accountants and Lawyers Don’t Mix (x, x)

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Leslie Knope attempts to explain “TOW Chandler in a Box”

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But can we discuss Donna Meagle though. 

Can we talk about how many men are after her and how we haven’t even seen HALF of them on screen. And it’s never played for laughs on her behalf but on the fact that she leads a double life that none of her coworkers and friends know that much about. 

And how amazing it is that a plus sized dark skin black woman is shown on screen being coveted by gorgeous men! That she is not some magical negro goddess to solve all the white women’s problems, with no romantic relationships of her own. 

Not to mention that her hair is always laid, face is beat, and her wardrobe shits on everybody in Pawnee excluding Tom. 

I just…man…
Donna gives me so much strength it’s not even funny.
I really want to be here when I grow up. 

I really want to be Donna. I do.

I am obsessed with Donna for exactly these reasons. Ugh, she is the queen of all things good and real and foxy as fuck. 

All of this plus can we also discuss how smart she is?  Like, she takes care of so much shit in the office.

When April and Andy accidentally deleted like all the files on the Parks and Rec server, Donna comes in, rolls her eyes, mashes a few keys and is like “I installed a backup years ago because Jerry always fucks everything up.”

She also loves to read.  You see her with books all the time (some may say oh but she reads Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey but fuck those people, I may never read those books but she can read what she wants and she reads a lot of other things too.)

And she’s not just there to solve other people’s problems fuck yeah but she also does take care of people like, when Ben was super bummed out and eating soup on a bench alone who insisted they take him along for Treat Yo Self day?  Donna.  Who made Ben Treat Himself?  Donna.  Who decided that they actually take Jerry out for Jerry Dinner?  Donna.  Who taught Ann hot to score a man?  Donna.  Who sacrificed HER MOST PRIZED POSSESSION (her Benz) to make sure that Leslie’s campaign got the vans they needed to transport people to the polls?  DONNA MEAGLE THAT’S WHO.

Donna Meagle is my queen and my favorite character on my (tied for) favorite show.

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